Candles and Fuel

A. Guinness & Company
A. Guinness & Company

Disposable Liquid Candles

8 hour Liquid Tealight Candle 180/case
12 Hour Liquid Votive Candle 144/case
17 Hour Liquid Candle 48/case

Wax Candles

Tealights and Votives
4 Hour Wax Tealight Candle 900/case
12 Hour Mega Wax Tealight Candle 48/case
10 Hour Votive Candle 288/case

3x6” White Round Unscented 12/case
3x8” White Round Unscented 12/case

10” White 72/case
12” White 72/case

Bulk Paraffin

4 litre jug for use only with refillable lamps 4 jugs/case